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Medicom revolutionizes the way patient information is transferred. Medicom's all-in-one image exchange network is the industry’s finest and most advanced. 



Manages your clinic without CDs, VPNs, or the Cloud. Instantly access Medicom’s Imagex network;
improve care, save time, and streamline staff workflow.

Imagex is the elegant, 3-in-1 image transfer solution.

Transfer original quality images to healthcare groups, referring physicians, and patients with ease through Medicom’s proprietary conduit. Medicom eliminates the hassle of CDs, VPNs, and the cloud.


Access patient images from your EMR with one click, anywhere anytime. 

Endpoint is designed to work for surgeons and physicians.
It can be deployed in minutes and is free to use.
View patient images with one-click from your EMR, connect electronically
with your radiology providers, and ingest your discs.

Save time, improve care

  • Open studies with one click from EMR
  • Access all your studies anywhere through the web
  • Connect with your radiology provider, through the Imagex Network
  • Ingest your CDs and access remotely and instantly

...I think it truly has remained that customers are NXC Imaging`s priority"

Carrie Peterka.
Consulting Radiology Ltd.

"...It`s a good feeling to be able to have a group of service people and support staff working for one common cause of bettering patient oucomes."

Mark Digmann
Paynesville Area Health System

    Endpoint brings physicians closer to their patients’ images.

Seamless integration with your PACS

Download the desktop app from the web portal and have it up and running in a few minutes. The desktop app runs its robust service without additional hardware. 
The desktop app ships with functionalities that save time, optimize workflow, and bring you closer to your partners.

DICOM tagging

Automatically organize incoming studies by normalizing patient demographics, protecting disorder in your PACS.


Build rules to autonomously send outgoing studies to their intended Medicom site and incoming studies to specified DICOM Node locations.


Automatically download studies as they come in and upload them to your PACS.

CD importing

Ingest a study from a patient’s CD and have Medicom automatically load it into your PACS or send it to an external location.

Persistent sending

Medicom allows you to disconnect from the internet in the middle of a transfer without interfering with the delivery of a study. The moment you regain internet access, the study will automatically resume transferring where it left off.



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