Medicom is connecting your facilities and your patients to their health information.

We are revolutionizing the way patient information is transferred.

Medicom connects disparate silos of health information,
so that they can be easily and securely searched and shared.

Creating a health information network, which lets you view
a complete history of patient care with one search.

Health Information Network Products:


Transfer radiology images to groups and referring physicians with ease through Medicom’s proprietary conduit. Medicom eliminates the hassle of CDs, VPNs, and the cloud. ImageX simplifies the exchange of patient data for your organization while improving the continuity of care.

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Medicom's Patient Link imagePatient Link

Patient Link gives patients easy access to their complete imaging history. We’ve optimized the Patient Link user experience for viewing, managing, and sharing studies with anyone. Facility staff can easily generate and distribute access codes, granting patients portal authentication. Patients can then search for and share studies with any provider, leveraging both Medicom’s Imagex Network and the Direct Protocol to ensure studies are delivered directly into existing clinical workflows.

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Medicom UpLink product image


UpLink enables participants on the Medicom Network to generate one-time access for patients and outside facilities to upload prior images and reports. Patients and providers receive secure access to the UpLink portal where they can automatically upload and transfer images from a CD or USB.

UpLink integrates directly with existing patient portals, so patients can seamlessly upload prior images and reports during registration.

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More Medicom Solutions:



  • Standardized health record exchange.

  • Get the complete view of your patient’s care.




  • Anonymized clinical data for research, machine learning, and AI applications.



NXC Imaging & Medicom

  • The premier partner for national expansion of the Medicom Network is NXC Imaging.
  • NXC Imaging’s mission is to provide exceptional technology solutions and best-in-class support for healthcare organizations.
  • For more than 50 years, NXC Imaging has been providing leading technologies to the United States’ highest regarded integrated delivery networks.
  • NXC Imaging is currently focused on building Medicom’s Imaging HIE in the upper midwest.

We are here to shape the future of medicine.

We believe that streamlined access to patient data will bring true continuity of care. Together, we can improve patient outcomes by bridging the gap between medicine and the forefront of technology.”

Medicom's Mission