Canon Aquilion LB

The Aquilion LB is the first Wide Field CT scanner with a 70 cm scan field and a 90 cm wide bore

With outstanding image quality in all diagnostic routines and oncology related applications, the Aquilion LB is the first Wide Field CT scanner with a 70 cm scan field and a 90 cm wide bore, increasing diagnostic anatomical coverage for optimized diagnosis and treatment.

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Largest acquired Field of View
The 16 slice Aquilion LB features the industry`s largest gantry aperture of 90 cm and the industry`s largest scan field of 70 cm, covering more anatomy with greater accuracy ever seen before.

The unique 70 cm scan field, up to 40 percent greater than other large bore CT systems, ensures superior image quality across the entire image and eliminating hidden anatomical areas for improved diagnoses, simulation and planning. Only the Aquilion LB delivers a true Field of View of 70 cm without requiring extrapolation algorithms by virtue of Toshiba`s renowned Quantum Detector

Aquilion LB is designed for

  • Optimized patient access
  • Optimized planning information
  • Optimized patient comfort
  • Optimized patient dose
  • Optimized diagnostic image quality
  • Optimized patient throughput

Key Features

  • 90 cm wide bore
  • Enabling a breast board tilt of up to 25 degrees
  • Radiotherapy table top* with indexed patient positioning system (IPPS)
  • Scan range of 175 or 194** cm- Low noise direct drive for 0.5 sec/rotation
  • Maximum 70 cm scan Field of View with full image quality
  • Up to 85 cm display Field of View reconstruction for oncology applications 0.35 mm voxel resolution- Versatile in scan slice width: 16 x 0.5 mm, 16 x 1.0 mm or 16 x 2.0 mm- Quantum detector material with highest sensitivity for best low contrast resolution (2mm at 3 HU)
  • Powerful X-ray tube: 7.5 MHU MEGACOOL SUREExposure, advanced body contour dose reduction technology
  • Quantum Denoising Software, dramatically reducing exposure dose, while maintaining image quality
  • Boost3D is a separate filter algorithm developed for regions with high attenuation and can be combined with other filter as standard QDS.
  • Varian RPM* camera for 4D respiratorigated imaging (prospective or retrospective) Unique full automatic 4D multiphase reconstruction* (no xml-file import required)