Canon Aquilion Prime

Aquilion PRIME is a new multislice helical CT system with an 80-row detector capable of generating 160 slices.



Highspeed rotation allows rapid data acquisition and shortens scan times, while the fast reconstruction unit further improves throughput, reducing the time required for diagnosis. Aquilion PRIME is the latest addition to the Aquilion ONE family with key features such as “Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction 3D” (AIDR 3D), an iterative reconstruction algorithm which has been designed to further enhance clinical examinations.

Ultra Low Dose Examination
Aquilion PRIME, incorporates Toshiba`s latest technologies to reduce exposure dose, while maintaining high image quality.
– Active Collimator
– SUREExposure 3D Adaptive
– Dose Report
– Dose Index Value Display

With the integration of AIDR 3D into SUREExposure controls, radiation exposure is automatically reduced before the scan, ensuring that the lowest possible dose is employed for the specific diagnostic objective irrespective of the size or shape of the patient. AIDR 3D integrated in SUREExposure 3D Adaptive can be applied to all acquisition modes for routine clinical use and is able to remove up to 50% of image noise resulting, which corresponds to a dose reduction of up to 75% by the same Standard Deviation (SD) for noise.

Key features of AIDR 3D:
– Full integration in scan protocols for improved workflow
-Dose reduction in clinical setting by up to 75%
– Full automatic iterative reconstruction process
-Minimal penalty in reconstruction times
-Noise reduction and improved Spatial Resolution
-Superb artifact suppression

Ultra Fast Workflow
Aquilion PRIME ensures fast data to diagnosis that meets the requirements of increasingly complex examinations and accelerate the process of providing the information you need to make treatment decisions.
– Fast Reconstruction
– 80-detector row helical
– 78 cm gantry aperture
– Metal less Head rest
– Metal less Arm up holder
– SUREXtension

Aquilion PRIME incorporates a variety of functions based on technologies that were developed for Aquilion ONE with the aim of significantly reducing the patient exposure dose, including Active Collimator, AIDR 3D, SUREExposure 3D Adaptive, and Boost3DTM. During helical scanning, Active Collimator blocks X-rays not required for image reconstruction by limiting the extent of the X-ray beam at the start and end of the helical scan range. Aquilion PRIME achieves consistent image quality with industry-leading low-contrast resolution of 2 mm at 0.3% in low-dose scanning.