Celesteion™ PUREViSION Edition PET/CT

Specifically designed with the patient in mind.

Offer your patients a new standard of performance with the Celesteion™ PUREViSION Edition PET/CT System from Canon Medical Systems

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Oncology patients deserve the highest levels of safety and comfort during scans. Our Celesteion™ PUREViSION Edition PET/CT system delivers. This innovative shared PET/CT system includes extraordinary features such as a 90 cm wide CT bore and 70 cm true field of view for maximum comfort, access and positioning.
Whether doing PET/CT, CT simulation or diagnostic CT, Celesteion’s advanced and cost-effective technology helps allow for ease of use and efficient exams,
improving clinicians ability to diagnose and treat oncology patients.

Celesteion’s unique patient-centered design delivers an enhanced patient comfort and care, without compromising on quality.

70 cm True Field of View
With oncology patients, accuracy is everything. To meet this need, Celesteion offers a true 70 cm PET and CT field of view (FOV). This allows clinicians to  overcome the challenges of a small 50 cm FOV, delivering unique access for better image quality and more accurate treatment plans.

90 cm Wide CT Bore
Celesteion’s wide bore is built for maximum patient positioning, comfort and peace of mind. The industry-leading 90 cm CT bore and 88 cm PET bore creates a feeling of openness and allows patients to be positioned for optimal treatment planning and setup. By making patients feel more at ease, clinicians can have more confidence in their images and diagnoses.

Versatile Couch
Our unique couch design makes it easy and safe to position your patients for a wide range of clinical needs. With the widest couch in the
industry, the ability to lower the couch to almost 30 cm from the floor and the unique swift movement from the CT position into the PET
position, makes the Celesteion PET/CT a versatile, multi-use scanner.

Celesteion’s PET detector is designed specifically for a large-bore PET, creating
the ideal conditions for accuracy. This advanced technology allows for:

  • Optimal use of LU-type scintillator materials
  • Unique module and scalable detector design of mixed PMT sizes
  • Provides optimal timing performance
  • Delivers high count rate performance with optimal scintillator and a unique mixed PMT design

PUREViSION CT Detector Technology
The PUREViSION CT detector is designed to optimize patient care and acquire
high-quality CT images. The 16 row 0.5 mm elements balance image quality,
speed and patient dose, delivering isotropic images in all planes.
Clinicians and patients alike benefit from:

• More efficient use of X-rays
• 0.5 mm slice resolution
• 40 percent better light output

SUREFLiGHT Reconstruction Technology
Celesteion’s unique imaging means better outcomes for patients. TOF and PSF create the optimal conditions for accurate and reliable scanning. Time of Flight
Our TOF technology delivers 394 ps typical timing resolution, allowing for better visualization of tumors. This is especially useful for large patients, where the IQ deteriorates with non-TOF scanners.

An innovative shared system that performs both CT and PET scans, Celesteion puts patient comfort and safety first.