Canon X-Ray


X Ray Omnera 500A

Digital Radiographic Systems

The ultimate in patient-centered productivity

Outstanding performance and intelligent automation to address today's imaging workflow challenges. The system provides a new level of functionality and flexibility offering increased patient comfort and seamless operation for technologists.

Auto-Positioning Digital Radiographic System


Canon XR Omnera 400T

Digital Radiographic Systems

Designed to meet the challenges of high-volume hospital imaging departments, the OMNERA® systems are constructed of rugged, aircraft aluminum and designed with both the patient and technologist in mind.

Manual-Positioning Digital Radiographic System


Canon XR SOLTUS by NXC Imaging

High Performance and Versatility on the Go.

Mobile Digital X-Ray System

The all-new SOLTUS 500 Mobile Digital X-ray System is equipped with enhancements that can streamline bedside exams to help clinicians improve workflow and productivity.

FM X-Ray System

Canon FM x-ray system

Digital Radiography Solutions

FM—Floor Mounted Radiography System

With a floor-mounted tube stand, 4-way float table, and chest stand, the FM Floor Mounted Radiography System offers a robust solution ideal for most applications. The freestanding tube stand requires no wall or ceiling supports for fast installation. Its high-speed generator and high-quality imaging system help reduce exposure time and improve productivity, making it ideal for demanding diagnostic imaging environments.

CXDI-10 Series Detectors

Canon CXDI-10 series detectors

*Shown with optional docking station. Sold separately.

Canon CXDI Digital Radiography Systems

Sharable across multiple compatible systems for increased value.

CXDI-02 Series Detectors

Canon CXDI digital detector

*Shown with optional CXDI Docking Station. Sold separately.


CXDI-702C & CXDI-402C Digital Detectors
Wireless Digital Radiography Systems

The Canon CXDI-702C/402C wireless digital radiography systems are designed to support the demands of medical imaging departments for cost-effective solutions without compromise.