AI for CTs – AiCE

Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE)

Sharp, clear and distinct images. At low dose.

Harnessing the enormous computational power of a Deep Convolutional Neural Network (DCNN), AiCE Deep Learning Reconstruction (DLR) is trained to differentiate signal from noise. Moreover, that the algorithm can suppress noise while enhancing signal. Because it is trained with advanced MBIR, it exhibits high spatial resolution. But unlike MBIR, AiCE DLR overcomes the challenges (image appearance and/or reconstruction speed) in clinical adoption.

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Learn about AI for CTs by watching this “AiCE Deep Learning Reconstruction” video.

Features of AiCE DLR:

  • Our best low-contrast resolution, ever†**
  • Improved low-contrast detectability, noise and spatial resolution relative to hybrid iterative reconstruction
  • Image noise appearance similar to FBP compared to MBIR reconstruction**
  • Dose neutral industry-leading ultra-high resolution*
  • Fast reconstruction
  • Easy workflow


†1.5mm @ 0.3%
*Aquilion Precision, Dose neutral between Ultra-high resolution mode with AiCE and normal resolution mode with hybrid iterative reconstruction
**Aquilion ONE Genesis


Advanced Intelligent Clear-IQ Engine

AiCE Deep Learning Reconstruction (AiCE DLR)

  • AiCE DLR applies a pre-trained Deep Convolutional Neural Network (DCNN)
  • So, AiCE is able to enhance spatial resolution and low contrast detectability while simultaneously reducing noise
  • The pre-trained DCNN makes reconstruction speeds much faster than MBIR and fast enough for routine clinical use
  • Image reconstruction of AiCE DLR differentiates signal from noise, so the algorithm can suppress noise while enhancing signal


Deep Learning Reconstruction

New Low Contrast Detectability**

Body, Lung and Cardiac

AICE chart AiCE and the Aquilion One

The CT technology –  AiCE available on:
Aquilion One Prism Edition  |  Aquilion One Genesis SP  |  Aquilion One Precision  |  Aquilion Prime SP  |  Aquilion Lighting 80   |  Aquilion Exceed LB