Canon Alphenix 4D CT

True CT imaging prior, during, and after the interventional procedures.

New hardware. New capabilities.


Real CT imaging available on demand may help you to:

  • Improve visualization and device manipulation
  • Offer anatomical and functional information
  • Eliminate patient transfer
  • Confirm procedural goal

As a result Alphenix 4D CT may help you to:

  • Improve Workflow
  • Reduce time-to and time-of procedure
  • Increase patient safety
  • Reduce costs

CT system—Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition:
• Up to 16 cm z-axis coverage
• 0.5 mm × 320 PUREViSION detector
• 0.275 sec rotation
• 100 kW GENESIS generator
• Wide detector 78 cm bore

Interventional X-ray system—Alphenix Sky +:
• Double sliding C-arm and 12×16 flat panel
• Innovative C-arm flip, lateral flexibility, speed, and full body 3D imaging capability
• Alphenix Sky + offers innovative ImagingRite technology to generate a 3D image anytime, anywhere
• CAT—880 tilt table

Image Quality

Optimize image quality while reducing exposure.
• New hardware and software technologies provide you with confidence when making clinical decisions.
• See and deploy complex devices with confidence. Optional hi-def imaging* allows you to effortlessly zoom up to 1.5” resolution.