Canon Aquilion Lightning 16

Better care. Safer imaging.

The Canon Aquilion Lightning™ CT system for whole-body imaging, employs cutting-edge technologies to optimize patient care and accelerate clinical decision making. Innovative features ensure that high-quality isotropic images are routinely acquired with low patient dose. Streamlined workflow increases patient throughput. The wide range of advanced 3D and post processing applications provide clinical flexibility.

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Efficient Design for Safety

The Aquilion Lightning™ gantry features design innovations to improve the scanning experience for patients as well as providing excellent operability and ensuring safety. The spacious 780 mm wide bore and 470 mm wide couch ensure comfortable scanning for even the largest patients.

Aquilion Lightning offered in Midwesty by NXC Imaging

Minimum Space

Maximum Efficiency

The Aquilion Lightning™ requires a minimal footprint, with a design that focuses on smaller installation space and power consumption.

Aqulion Lightning Minimum Space, Maximum Efficiency