Canon Aquilion Precision

Provides More than Twice the Resolution of Today’s CT Systems

Canon Aquilion Precision is the world’s first Ultra-High Resolution CT (UHR CT) capable of resolving anatomy as small as 150 microns,  and providing CT image quality with resolution typically seen only in cath labs. The UHR detector is newly designed to provide more than twice the resolution when compared with today’s CT technology, with an all-new detector as well as tube, gantry and reconstruction technologies.



ULTRA High Resolution CT

Hardware Technology Innovations

  • Brand new tube design with industry smallest focal spot
  • New 0.25 mm x 160 rows—Industry smallest
  • The latest miniaturized DAS components
  • Couch top with precision reinforced drive mechanism

Reconstruction Innovations

  • New Matrix, 1024 x 1024
  • Optimized for UHR CT acquisitions
  • 150 micron, 50 lp/cm* resolution
  • AIDR 3D Enhanced optimized for UHR CT acquisitions
  • FIRST (MBIR) optimized for UHR CT acquisitions

*MTF 0% (reference value)

FIRST, MBIR reconstruction optimized for UHR CT

Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction:

  • New MBIR reconstruction with the ability to reduce noise and maintain resolution.
  • Integrated and easy to use
  • Automated
  • Fast