Canon Infinix Elite

Interventional procedures demand speed, precision, and optimum performance. The Infinix-i is designed to take advantage of the latest technological innovations to reduce dose and to save time.



The Canon Inifinx Elite is  the industry’s only fully customizable solution, with a choice of biplane, single plane floor mount or single plane ceiling mount, multiple detector sizes and advanced imaging applications. So you can create the best configuration to satisfy your clinical requirements both today and in the future.

System Configurations to Meet Your Clinical Needs

Allowing system setup based on procedural needs, rather than system limitations, ergonomic enhancements increase speed and precision while helping reduce the potential for strain and injury.

  • Access Halo ensures unobstructed head-end work space to improve patient access for staff and ancillary equipment
  • A slim line detector design allows unobstructed viewing of fluoroscopic monitors
  • Slim line controls make it easier for cardiovascular technologists to comfortably assist clinicians tableside

Unparalleled Access and Coverage

The Infinix C-arm is designed to move around you and your patient so procedures can be performed more comfortably, safely and efficiently.

  • Achieve optimal angulations with unprecedented fingertip-to-fingertip and head-to-toe coverage
  • Simplified biplane positioning with variable iso-center
  • Continuously maintains a heads-up display during compound angles with synchronized rotating collimator and FPDs

Detector Size Choices

Three different FPD sizes are available depending on coverage needed.

  • 12 x 16 (Designed primarily for vascular, but can perform cardiac imaging.)
  • 12 x 12 (Designed for cardiovascular procedures.)
  • 8 x 8 (Designed primarily for cardiac imaging.)

Infinix Elite Single Plane Floor – 5 Axis Positioner

Head-to-toe and fingertip-to-fingertip coverage allow you to move the C- arm and not the patient

Direct Patient Access

  • Unobstructed head-end work space for better access to the patient and ancillary equipment
  • Aids in clinical communication and workflow
  • All Infinix systems offer the Access Halo enabling better efficiency and safety

 Infinix Elite Single Plane Ceiling

  • 270-degree gantry pivot and full-body coverage.
  • Longitudinal Movement
  • Transverse Movement

Ideally Suited for the OR

When paired with a Maquet Magnus OR Table (shown), the Infinix Elite Single Plane Ceiling Mount, is ideally suited for the OR environment. Maquet Magnus OR Table features:

  • Integrated table functionality with C-arm
  • Removable tabletops (Modular and Radiology)

Flexibility in the OR

  • When imaging is not required and the room must quickly convert to accommodate an open procedure, the Infinix Ceiling Mount Arm has the ability to park out of the way
  • When room is equipped with extended ceiling rails, surgical space can be maximized by rotating imaging table and c-arm

Infinix Elite Biplane – Omega Variable Iso-Center

C-arm Flip

  • The ability to switch the Lateral C-arm and detector to the opposing side to lower dose to physician and staff
  • Scattered radiation is more than 50% lower on the side of the detector
  • Flexibility of the C-arm to flip allows the equipment to be utilized for both cardiac and neuro procedures in the same room
  • Variable C-arm configurations allow unprecedented head-end access

Improve Productivity Through Procedure Efficiency

    • Designed for patient comfort and clinical workflow efficiency — the system moves not the patient
    • Contact and proximity detection prevents collisions with other cath lab equipment during Infinix system procedures



Canon Infinix Systems have been designed for mechanical flexibility. Our exclusive configurations drive efficient resource utilization, across multiple clinical disciplines.