Canon Vantage Orian 1.5T

High Productivity. Patient Comfort. Clinical Confidence.

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Designed to increase productivity and lower running costs, ensure patient comfort and deliver uncompromised clinical condence, the Canon Vantage Orian is the perfect answer to your 1.5 Tesla MRI business and clinical requirements.

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High Productivity

Dockable Table*

Detachable Patient Table

Patient handling is seamless as preparation can be achieved in advance outside the scan room, which enhances workflow and allows medical staff to respond to any patient requirements quickly and easily.


Empowering you to do more.

The Technologist designed the M-Power for Technologists. This intuitive user interface makes Work flow and post processing applications as easy as 1, 2, 3.

ForeSee View

real-time preview of the current scan plan allows the technologist to have more certainty that tricky alignments are planned correctly.

Allowing the technologist to foresee the scan plan allows for greater scan accuracy and can help reduce costly re-scans.

ECO Mode Plus

This new technology automatically minimizes power consumption by up to 21% when not scanning, so Vantage Orian allows you to minimize unnecessary running costs.