Canon Celesteion™ PUREViSION Edition PET/CT

Specifically designed with the patient in mind.

Offer your patients a new standard of performance with the Celesteion™ PUREViSION Edition PET / CT System from Canon Medical Systems:

• Accuracy: Improves your ability to diagnose and treat diseases, including cancer

• Speed: Enhances patient comfort, care, and convenience

• Dose Control: Maximizes safety without compromising imaging quality

• Shared Capabilities: Offer patients the benefits of combining two technologies in a single, comfortable system

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Molecular imaging solutions with no compromise for every patient. Every time.

Celestion PureVision molecular imaging

This versatile system combines high performance PET and CT imaging for all radiology, oncology, and radiation oncology needs.

Acquisition Techniques:

  • Variable Bed Time (vBT)
  • PET Respiratory Gating Enhancements*
  • PET ECG Gating*

Reconstruction Techniques:

  • SUREFLiGHT Reconstruction Technology
  • Clear Adaptive Low-noise Method (CaLM) +PSF*
  • Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction (SEMAR)

Every Scanner Exactly the Way You Want

Celesteion™ PUREViSION Edition PET / CT enables facilities to improve care and lower costs by maximizing system utilization with a single, shared system that meets—and exceeds—the needs of oncology, radiation oncology, and radiology providers.

Celestion Pure VISION Edition PET/CT by Canon PET

  • 88 cm bore
  • 70 cm field-of-view
  • 394 ps typical Time-of-Flight
  • 19.6 cm axial field-of-view
  • 4 mm x 4 mm crystals


  • 90 cm bore
  • 70 cm field-of-view
  • 0.5 sec rotation
  • 0.5 mm x 16 row detector
  • 32 slice reconstruction*

*coneXact double slice technology