Canon Infinix-i 4D CT

Canon Medical Systems' Infinix-i 4D CT seamlessly integrates the interventional lab and CT scanner for a paradigm shift in interventional workflow.

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Canon Medical Systems’ groundbreaking new Infinix™-i 4D CT supports you in bridging the gap between the interventional lab and CT with one seamlessly integrated solution for the ultimate in patient care. Infinix-i 4D CT may help eliminate the need to transfer patients back and forth between different rooms, while enabling clinicians to reduce dose and maintain patient safety. The system may help clinicians save valuable time and gain efficiencies with the ability to plan, treat, and verify in the same room, on a single system.

Access and Movements

Canon Medical Systems’ Infinix-i 4D CT seamlessly integrates the interventional lab and CT scanner for a paradigm shift in interventional workflow. Switching between the two systems is smooth and fast. The two systems can be used in tandem without having to park one of them. The C-arm can either be parked at the base of the table for a fast transition between CT and Angiographic imaging, or away from the table increasing access.

Infinix-i 4D CT incorporates Canon Medical Systems’ award winning angiography and CT capabilities in the same space.
True CT imaging prior, during, and after the interventional procedures.

Real CT imaging available on demand may help you to:

  • Improve visualization and device manipulation
  • Offer anatomical and functional information
  • Eliminate patient transfer
  • Confirm procedural goal

As a result Infinix-i 4D CT may help you to:

  • Improve Workflow
  • Reduce time-to and time-of procedure
  • Increase patient safety
  • Reduce costs

Cardiac Intervention with the Infinix-i 4D CT Aquilion ONE / ViSION Edition
The Infinix-i 4D CT Aquilion ONE / ViSION Edition enables robust low-dose cardiac CTA. One rotation is all it takes to capture the entire heart in just a split second with the Aquilion
ONE / ViSION Edition. Reducing motion artifacts, this technology is ideally suited for clinicians planning interventional procedures and for verifying percutaneous stent or valve
placements and repairs immediately at tableside.

Structural Heart
Canon Medical Systems’ Infinix-i 4D CT PRIME and Aquilion ONE / ViSION Edition systems enable clinicians to enhance their structural heart procedures. CT Transcatheter Aortic
Valve Replacement (TAVR) planning can aid clinicians with both pre-interventional planning and post-interventional evaluation. True CT imaging prior, during and after
interventional procedures on the Infinix-i 4D CT.

The Infinix-i 4D CT system combines the interventional lab with a complete CT imaging suite for a streamlined workflow and a smooth patient experience in a single clinical setting. You no longer need to transfer the patients between departments – the Infinix-i 4D CT enables you to plan, treat and verify in a single setting enabling you to prioritize patient care and productivity.

Product Brochure 4DCT Integrated Interventional Lab_CT System.pdf