Medicom ImageX

Transfer radiology images to groups and referring physicians with ease through Medicom’s proprietary conduit. Medicom eliminates the hassle of CDs, VPNs, and the cloud. Imagex simplifies the exchange of patient data for your organization while improving the continuity of care.

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Medicom’s ImageX is a decentralized network for medical image exchange. ImageX connects disparate PACS, VNAs, and cloud-based image sharing systems to become your single interface for electronic image sharing.

Capturing a patient’s imaging history from disparate systems within a community can prolong patient care and create operational inefficiencies. For this reason, Medicom’s ImageX is built to adapt to both clinical and operational workflows.

  • Automate cross-organizational patient identification to provide the complete view of a patient’s imaging history.
  • HL7-enabled and FHIR-capable for real-time access to reports in any system.
  • Share images and reports directly from PACS, and perform automated queries to locate relevant priors.
  • Perform targeted queries when specific patient information is needed, or broadcast queries when the location of a patient’s information is unknown.