Medicom Patient Link

Allow your patients to manage their imaging.

Let your patients electronically view, share, and manage their own imaging history with Medicom’s Patient Link.

Patient Link gives patients easy access to their complete imaging history. We’ve optimized the Patient Link user experience for viewing, managing, and sharing studies with anyone.


Empower your patients.
Medicom Patient Link Product Highlights

  • Give patients electronic access to view and forward images to any provider participating in their continuum of care, including off-network providers
  • Seamlessly integrate with major patient portals to automate consents and distribution
  • Lock studies until physician speaks with the patient (time-based or manual)
  • Obtain and track release of information consent prior record release
  • Automate update of DICOM header data to indicate patient consent

Facility staff can easily generate and distribute access codes, granting patients portal authentication. Patients can then search for and share studies with any provider, leveraging both Medicom’s Imagex Network and the Direct Messaging Protocol to ensure studies are delivered directly into existing clinical workflows.