Medicom UpLink

Simple and intuitive data aquistion.

Not everyone’s on the same network or using the same systems as you, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting the data you need.

Send off-network providers and new patients a link, and let Medicom handle the rest.


Medicom UpLink Product Highlights

  • Send off-network providers with an upload link via email

  • Upload from CDs

  • Integrate with major patient portals

  • Allow patients to securely upload past data to their next point of care

  • Automated reconciliation of uploaded files to Medicom system

UpLink enables participants on the Medicom Network to generate one-time access for patients and outside facilities to upload prior images and reports. Patients and providers receive secure access to the UpLink portal where they can automatically upload and transfer images from a CD or USB.

UpLink integrates directly with existing patient portals, so patients can seamlessly upload prior images and reports during registration.

Temporary upload access for patients and facilities outside of the Medicom Network. Upload to ImageX or Endpoint.