Ziehm 8000

This C-arm fits ideally into clinical workflows. The combination of reliable mobile imaging technology and the high-resolution flatscreen monitor makes it the solution of choice among orthopedic, pain management, traumatology and urology specialists.

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Every detail of the Ziehm 8000 – from the intuitive positioning of color-coded handles, scales and controls through its compact footprint to the ergonomic shape of the mobile stand and monitor cart – reflects our in-depth understanding of clinical environments to support your daily business.

  • Optimal image quality due to high-resolution 27″ splitscreen
  • Superior detail resolution thanks to the new 1 k x 1 k imaging chain
  • Equipped with postprocessing functions such as edge enhancement, step windowing and zooming
  • Advanced “Metal” and “Soft” programs to prevent image flaring
  • Self-explaining user interface for image capturing and patient data management
  • High-level of automation allows surgeons and OR staff to concentrate on the procedure
  • Programmable function (“F”) key for crosshair overlay and filter removal
  • Color-coded scales and handles for all movements
  • Lightweight monitor cart improves working conditions in the OR
  • The whole examination workflow can be controlled directly from the mobile stand
  • All movements are fully counterbalanced in all positions
  • Equipped with our combined steering and braking lever for perfect maneuverability and parallel movement
  • Dedicated functions to significantly reduce exposure in pediatric surgery1